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Im locked out of my account

My Mcskuzzy acct is not working I cant access it all. The account is gang boss and it's pretty much killed my gang. How can I regain access ?. I'm not even sure what the email address is for the account it's in Roach Gaurds gang. If anything I'm willing to delete the account and make one of my other accounts boss.


Please email us the details to


Devs ! I'm sure he does best to make us to look like jerks...And Why I've lost my 100 diamonds from last D.tourney... Notification pushed out my "rewards"(stakes war loot) reason is on members and boss cuts r cut off... See no reward... COOL IM INSOMANIAC LIKE to WAR FOR FREE ND BUILDING ACCOUNT FROM SCRATCH... SO MUCH INTERESTING....scroll up....Peace Luv and weee....Devs u own me ////lol////
Email sent
I need help my account is lost Brange. He is gang boss the game is fun but this lost account is messing us up. I would like to change bosses please help thanks
I can't access my account my s6 froze and is in a state of disrepair after I tried to fix it so I tried to log onto my s4 which had the British bulldog account on its in gang called "THE BANSHEEZ" 3rd member down all my other accts are in gang called "INSTITUTIONALISED FOR LIFE"all have same avatar and some with similar names I've got e.mails from you and s.shots of my purchases from 27th Dec up until this last week I didn't play the account from 28th Feb 2016-19th or 20th Dec 2018 after a period away I need the account back before the nxt sale of diamonds I've been playing since the 2nd month this game came out I try to log in on this g.mail but it brings up my baby bulldog account I can't remember passwords to two g.mail accounts it could be linked to please help asap I missed 2 days of tourney due to not being able to log on
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