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Porting account from google play to google account

I posted a ticket, but I think it would be more suited here, to get an idea of other peoples opinions. I would like to play downtown mafia on both my android phone and my laptop, cause I am visually impaired and it is more accessible on pc with my screen reader. When I went to go and sign in on the web browser from google, it created a new account. I would like my current account ported from google play to my actual google account, so I can use it anywhere, cause there is no option for google play on the web.

Account I wanted ported is 124 458 766, and the account I wanted ported to is 918 152 289.

Is it possible to keep all my mobs (I don't even have that much lol) but still.

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Hi Tylah,

We have now processed your request. Please check. Thanks

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