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Poor support team

I left this feedback for everyone to see I rate this game a 1 star because they don’t have no reporting option on the game to report trolls and their developer have blocked my account from comment on wall feeds for self defense my self I will update the 1 star to 5 star when they make a report option and do something about the trolls and bully’s etc and unblock my account so I can comment and don’t download the game because their support team will not believe you they only believe the trolls and when you email them they will make lies up and close your ticket out and they will not unrestricted your account or unbanned it or give you a refund unleast you fill out a refund request from Apple or your card company and I have send them proof of the users started on me first and I self defense my self but they did not want to believe me and I also reported them by email but they closed my ticket out before they responded to it !
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