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New phone

Trying to get my old account link to new phone ckiller she’s on a level 171 and she was link through android and now I have a iphone
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Please email the following to

To recover an account we first need to Track and locate the account. For which we need the following details.

1. Account Name

2. Level of the Account

3. Mob code of the Account.

Please make sure the Account name is exactly as in the Game, If a Mob code is provided you can ignore the name.

Further to verify that you are the account's rightful owner, please send us the Diamond Purchase receipts for the account. These should be available in your email or Google/Apple Store purchase history. 

Ckiller Level 171 430532013

We can see that the account is linked to your Google Login too. On your iPhone you should be able to access the account using the Google login.

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