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Non-diamond mercs

Considering many people want more businesses, wouldn't it be cool to have mercs that cost regular cash and upkeep, instead of diamonds?

This means that people who have played for very long and have a really high income can become closer to the top diamond players and thus be rewarded for playing that long.

In the most practical view, it just means that after equipping your entire mob, you can get an additional mob member for 1.3 times the upkeep of the weapons+armors+vehicles or something like that.

Start out with 4 different ones, perhaps?

+10, +10
+1 weapon

100 000 upkeep

+10, +10
+1 armor

100 000 upkeep

+10, +10

+1 vehicle

100 000 upkeep

+20, +20

+1 weapon, +1 armor, +1 vehicle

200 000 upkeep

So 10 million will get you +1000, +1000 and 100 weapons, armors OR vehicles. Or it will get you +1000, +1000 and 50 weapons, armors AND vehicles.

//Formidable - DeathWish MGS

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It seems like u know a lot about this game formidable my dtm name is ricco the Don and I have a couple questions to ask u if u can kik me please ripsqueek34 thanks
Agree with Formidle ideas... But u can do it for experimental see feedback from our player non diamond...
Lol why think about it why would they equal Diamond to non Diamond players ,if that happened people would stop buying diamonds And that means no income for app owners And pos end the game same as what happened storm 8 games devs doing good job

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I agree with Todd 100%. There are many of us who play DTM that came from the old Storm8 games. Anyone who was in the Storm8 games knows that the reason those games came to end was due to a lack of a profits. The game quit making money, and as a result, Storm8 shut it down. Obviously, the reason Storm8 quit making money off of their games was not due to making paying and non-paying players equal (they quit making money off of their games because of how many people were exploiting the games). However, there is an important lesson to be learnt from what happened to Storm8: if/when a game ceases to turn a profit from paying players, the game will die.

I enjoy DTM, and as a result, I cannot stand behind the proposed suggestion. I do put a little bit of money into this game, but not nearly as much as the top players, and as such, I am generally unable to compete successfully against those who invest heavily into the game. However, while it would be nice to level that playing field so I could beat diamond players, doing such would reduce the incentive to spend money on the game which would decrease revenue for DynamicNext, and that could potentially kill the game.

One thing to consider is the fact that DTM does a lot of free diamond giveaways. From diamond tournaments, you can win 100 diamonds. You can get diamonds from Facebook Promo Codes when they are available. And you can get free diamonds through other limited/non-repeatable means such as referring people, rating the app, installing and playing other DynamicNext games, or making your first diamond purchase to get 1,000 extra diamonds free of charge (okay, that one costs $0.99, but that's basically free, in my opinion). It might be slow to get diamonds that way, but you can use all of those free diamonds on mercs, diamond gear, refills for boss fights, etc., so ultimately, it should be possible to still play as a free player.

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well said Spencer
I would love to see that but you have to remember. All internet games are money driven. So let's see where this goes. GOOD LUCK!
They are and people have to remember this is a real slow game u need to camp for a year at least like I did saves the diamonds they gave out and I got over 30 mercs from it and some other armry so I'm competitive with diamond player so it can be done:)
No I think that should stay the same
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