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Weapons Guide

I'm still in the early phases... level 25. Is there a weapons guide? I'd like to know if its worthwhile to spend diamonds on things such as the lotus vehicle or if the game opens up better vehicles later on anyway. Please help as I have no way to compare and plan.
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The diamond armory is a whole lot better than the regular items.

The best non-diamond items are as of now:



+138 atk, +69 def

216750 upkeep cost

Battelle Tail System;
+72 atk, +162 def

490908 upkeep cost


Jaguar F-Type
+145 atk, +114 def

554700 upkeep cost

Just getting rid of the upkeep cost is in many cases worth it (half a million for the Jag, while the Lotus is 0.)

But if you are in it for the long run, then I would suggest looking at getting mercs instead of items for diamonds. Having 2 Jags is so much better than just 1 lotus, if you can afford it.

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