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Keep mafia downtown oldschool

hey devs im one of the players that started this game in its first days , very good game but im getting a little scared when im looking at the idea topic , some idea are soo ridicul and may change totaly the game im good with number and little update that make the game more interresing but when im looking at the bigger idea im scared to login one days and see another game just writte this topic so you know there some people that love the game how is it ( oldschool in other words ) and dont wanna play mafia wars you probably know this game with the gift and clicking parts and clicking bonus .... people leave the game cause they dont like it your game is abouts same but without the bullshit things so keep its please i really love your game and hope to play the same old mafia game in fews years thankss !

We do try to keep the basic experience of the game intact even with the new feature additions... can you please be specific about the kinda feature you don't want to see in DTM? Thanks

no gift system or big update will change the game good jobs on the anti bots things a good update also dont put diamonds rewards for tournaments or anything item is enough , the most important things never add news diamonds item seriously some people have spends so many money in this game to be strong news diamonds item is like a kick in the nuts for rest you doings pretty good im now level 220 and keep enjoy the game days after days , no news business or skill reset  income most important things in this game make who you are skill points too and for people like me building income for years this is another kick in the nuts haha well goodluck with game and thanks for reading 

well don't think a new line of business would be a kick in the nuts.. you high level tycoons will breeze through it. but i think it would help with upkeep relieve the urge to camp every 10 levels..

Downtown mafia is the best game of its kind and blows all other games out of the water by a long shot.. don't change anything devs this game is great me and my wife are daily players and as well purchase diamonds... best game ever!...
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